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Tips to Selecting a Women’s Addiction Treatment Facility in San Diego

When a loved one is suffering from addiction, you in a way also suffer. Addiction is a vice that does not choose based on sex or age. Three are different forms of addictions. We have those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are others types of addictions such as food addiction and others. When you are addicted to something, withdrawing from it may be difficult and hence you may need assistance. There are many women addiction treatment centers in San Diego. The dilemma is in choosing the best one for you or someone close to you suffering addiction. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a women’s addiction treatment center.

First, you will need to consult your healthcare provider who assessed your condition about the best rehab program to sing up for. You may also get referrals from friends and family of good addiction treatment centers they may know. You may also do a quick internet search of available rehab centers near you. Rehabs vary in three ways. That is the type of care, the location from where to get the treatment and the duration of the treatment.

You need to select the type of program that fits your needs. Here you have four options to select from. The outpatient treatment program is the first option. Here the patient will continue living at home but visit the hospital regularly for the sessions. The other is the inpatient program The patient is not allowed to leave the premises of the center while they receive treatment if they opt for inpatient addiction treatment center. The third option is the residential treatment. The patient receives therapy while staying in another apartment that is not their home. They last type is the recovery housing. It is where the patient is strictly supervised while staying temporarily in a home and receives treatment for the addiction.

After you have decided on the program you will enroll for, you need to consider next the treatment approach the staff in the program will use to treat the affected individual. Treatment options such as therapy need to be explained to you. Besides therapy, they need to specify the drug they will use. The services should be geared to assist the patient recover. Ask how they will access the effectiveness of the treatment.

Another aspect to consider is whether the facility provides skilled care. Inquire the kind of skilled care they have and if it applies to your requirement. An example is a facility offering women-only recovery program.

Finally, know how the rehabilitation facility handles relapse incidences. Know what steps they have put in place to handle relapse patients. Because relapse may happen, they should not kick the patient out, rather know how to treat them, so it does not happen again. In conclusion, it is better to be on the safe side of the law, and therefore, you should inquire about the licensing of the rehabilitation center.

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